Care system in Poland

After getting a place in government care home in Poland the person will have 70 percent of their pension deducted towards the cost of that place and then family is expected to contribute, depending on how much they earn. It’s still usually not enough to cover the full cost of care and then government pays the rest.

The full price of government care home may be very similar or even higher than the price of the private one though while the standard is lower.

What is also very different about care system here is, no one is at all bothered about so called institutionalisation. If you ever challenged government care home manager why visits are only allowed between 3 and 5pm and one day you came at 2.56pm and you were told to wait outside, you’d be most likely told that the care home IS an institution so it has to be like that.


Although my mum said that people are coming to visit at any time of the day, they just don’t stay too long if it’s outside of visiting hours.

2.40am and I’m not sleeping. 3.5h of sleep tonight is kind of on the edge. I’d really need to get sensible amount of sleep next night to be able to cope. This is where olanzapine will help, although considering I now have to stay here longer due to the loss of my ID I may need to get some more.

The last thing I want in this situation is another psychotic episode.

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