Autism and making decisions

I recently became aware of an autistic female support worker who have been working in care for over 15 years, so longer than me, and was only recently diagnosed. She started looking for another job and disclosed her diagnosis to the employer.

The employer then came up with reasonable adjustment for her, without asking her for opinion on what she needs support with. The adjustment was meant to be that she won’t be allowed to lone work because ‘due to her autism she’s unable to make decisions’.

She objected. She lone worked many times in the past, she said, most of that was before she even realised she’s autistic.

The employer asked her the following question then: imagine that you have a client who eats cornflakes for breakfast every day but one day they tell you they don’t want cornflakes. What will you do?

If it was me I’d tell them: I’d call on call for advice; this is not something I can deal with by myself.

Of course I am being sarcastic here, even though I’m autistic, I do apologise.

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