Beginner’s luck

I’ve heard that beginner’s luck is a real phenomenon. What do you think?

I tried trading recently and initially earned 15% within three weeks, but a few more days and it went down to 9%. It doesn’t matter that much because I was trading with $50 only so you could say it was an entertainment more than anything; yet I noticed that on days when I traded I slept much worse and therefore I think I have to stop.

I was hoping I can turn this into passive income but I guess it’s not for me and my mental health is much more important. Mind you, I was hoping my ability to see patterns will somehow help me with trading but there were no patterns there. It is virtually impossible to predict if stock will go up or down, unless it’s connected to some external events.

I was also contemplating recently how I can survive on £500 a month. It would be tough but not impossible although obviously if I needed new shoes or to do some repairs at home I’d need to spend extra. John wasn’t impressed with this idea and said I want to make myself suffer while I feel like I’m just being practical.

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