What should I be aware of when taking a refugee in?

That is a bit of a tricky question. I’m mostly worried about feeling suffocated by somebody emotional needs that I won’t be able to meet and then, what is going to happen will be, this person will think that I don’t like them and may ask them to leave so they will try to use their social skills to prevent it and that will make me feel even worse. Explaining that I’m autistic is unlikely to help, I’m afraid. Even people in the UK don’t really know what that means and Ukrainian refugees are going to know even less.

How can I prevent events going this way? I really want to help and don’t mind sharing my flat in those circumstances, but I don’t want to feel trapped in my own home by other people emotions.

Also I will have problems with choosing the right person. I guess, as an autistic, I have problems with assessing somebody else personality and motivation, at least when I don’t know them well. But in here we are in a situation where all the people who I take into consideration will be under severe stress so they will behave differently than normal. There will also be a language barier. How do I navigate that? Any ideas?

I do believe that most people are good. However, I also found out over the years that sometimes they get out of order, overspend, get into debt, start drinking, forget to tidy up (I’m in this category) and do all sorts of things. How do I make this work?

The government website that was set up to register interest in the scheme crushed shortly after going live and it still doesn’t work. The visa applications will be opened on the 18th, which will still be before I get to know anyone. I would just like to know that everything will be OK.

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