Looking for a refugee

Finding a refugee to come and share my flat with is not as easy as I thought it would be. I so far advertised on two Facebook groups and two websites dedicated to finding accommodation for Ukrainian refugees and I didn’t get any response. Some of those ads were published several hours ago. I guess it’s possible that refugees don’t have access to Internet, don’t know English very well or are afraid to interact with a stranger from another country. I also emailed dedicated support team in Łódź Council (Łódź is the closest city to where I was brought up), but I guess they must be very busy.

At the end I contacted three people who I know in Poland if they could put me in touch with somebody. Two of them are teachers so I guess they will be trusted more than a stranger from the Internet.

I’m continuing to tidy up and just did two loads of laundry. I still have one more to go. I mean this is not all my regular laundry but also things like towels and bedding that were in the wardrobe for a bit so I wanted to freshen them up. I also finally got rid of the table that I had in my hallway. It was beautiful, vintage table with craved legs, but I had no space for it. I quite like second hand furniture, did I tell you? But over a year ago I decided that simple IKEA table will be much more practical for my living room. Since that time the other table was taking space in my hallway and I couldn’t quite decide what to do with it. But yesterday I decided, the time has come, I need the space in the hallway for clothes rack. I’ll move my clothes from the spare room wardrobe to the hallway as otherwise the refugees will have no space for theirs!

So I posted the table on Facebook marketplace yesterday afternoon, and today morning it was gone! That shows I can organise myself when I have to, I guess what I have problem with most of the time is that I can’t decide what my priorities are and therefore I don’t make any decisions.

The spare room should look reasonably enough soon to take some photos. I won’t be posting them here but it will give the refugees an idea of what to expect. Although, for me that never works this way. Even if I see photos of a place before getting there, I always end up feeling overwhelmed and thinking that I imagined it differently. But I guess it’s not like that for everyone? And photos are at least proof that the flat is in sensible condition, so they are needed.

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