I’m allocating myself a reward

I’m on my way from the local radio station, and I must say the chat with the manager went really well. I will write more about it later, possibly even tomorrow, after I put things into perspective, but for now I wanted to say that I had a feeling like I want to allocate myself a reward. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted this to be, so to make it easy, I went to my favourite cafe and I’m just drinking caramel coretto. Regular one. And having no cake as I’m trying to lose weight and I’m not hungry.

Blogging from a cafe is a reward by itself, isn’t it? Not that I have much to say, but still I have a little bit to say, don’t I? Allocating myself a reward is an interesting concept.

I may go browsing tall dresses on Asos website in a minute. I probably won’t be buying anything, unless I find an item that looks absolutely perfect. I guess I have quite a few dresses at home but the problem with being 5’11 is that I can’t just wait till I need a clothing item – I need to buy things I like when they’re available.

Anyway, do you think I need driving licence? I suppose if I want to progress my career as a blogger/speaker/broadcaster, it may be necessary? Sometimes it takes me an hour to get to another part of Swindon. If I had a car I’d get to Devizes in 50. Not that I want to go there – Devizes was where I was first placed after I got sectioned in 2019. The establishment used to be called ‘place of safety’. What does that mean? ‘Nowhere else is safe, don’t come out.’ But possibly it was meant to sound yhis way? Maybe it was a form of linguistic restraint?

My coffee is almost finished. Speak later.

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