Getting the hint

I have a friend who used to invest in stocks in Poland in the 90s. It was a new thing in our country at the time as stock market wasn’t available during communism. So I asked her if she wants to trade. ‘We could compare strategies’ I said.

She asked what she needs to start. Good Internet connection, a little bit of money to start with and an app from Play Store, I said.

Her mobile barely works, she replied. She can barely send a text message.

It was a bit of an unusual response. Who wants to have a mobile that doesn’t work properly, shouldn’t she replace it anyway, even if she doesn’t want to trade? Not to mention that the last time I saw her, which was only two months ago, she was using her mobile to take loads of photos.

Thank God, I was aware this is how neurotypical people communicate and I said ‘ok, no problem, maybe some other time.’ My friend wasn’t illogical, she just didn’t want to get involved in trading for this reason or another. And I got the hint.

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