Trading for autistics

I’m still depressed. Did I tell you that I only recently accepted the fact that I have bipolar?

John visited me but only for a few hours. I gave him his birthday present which was coffee from London Nootropics, two sets, one of them was mushroom coffee. I assumed that if John likes both mushrooms and coffee he should like mushroom coffee and I was right. We tried it and it was delicious, and it didn’t even taste like mushrooms. I think I actually preferred it to regular coffee although it was a bit pricy but I may get rich soon so who knows, maybe I’ll be drinking it every day.

Do you know my theory that I am open to try new products because being brought up in communism taught me that new producs are often exciting and improve my quality of life? I doubt, however, if there was any research that would compare autistic people brought up in communism with those brought up in capitalism.

This is a pattern I made today:

I went back to trading before the weekend and this time I think I started getting it, while the first time I tried it, it felt like my little success was down to pure luck. Despite being depressed I have enough energy to now read up about it. I also found an interesting website – a compound calculator where you can check how much money you’d end up with if you reinvest everything. It adds up to a nice sum after just a few years, although we need to remember about capital gain tax. The link is here.

I feel especially drawn to scalp trading which is a strategy where you buy and hold the stock for just a few minutes, possibly even seconds and take advantage of those small price movements. This is what makes the most sense to me and I wonder whether it’s because I’m autistic? I had that theory that autistic people understand life as series of finite games while in fact it’s actually one infinite game. But with trading any strategy is good as long as it works for the trader and brings profit.

You can read more about finite and infinite games by following the ‘infinite games’ tag.

I hope you’re all having a nice weekend. Mine wasn’t too bad despite depression and the fact I cut my finger. I’m coping and I have a new hobby. And the psychiatric appointment is less than 24h away, yay!

2 responses to “Trading for autistics”

  1. The mushrooms and coffee had a multiplicative effect, didn’t they, Magda?
    [on John’s happiness too].
    And those small price movements.
    You know they take place in milliseconds and nanoseconds – almost beyond human ability to react and respond.
    Capital gains tax has been unavoidable in Oz since 1985…


    1. It was ‘coffee’ made of mushrooms. I wonder when cafes start offering it.


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