How to spot a lie

This is an interesting article where Elon Musk explains how he can identity people lying in interviews: article

Basically people who tell the truth about a problem they helped to solve give more details that those who lie. This is an interesting point and I’m glad that Musk came up with that. So far I always had the impression that liars are being identified clearly by body language, and autistic people not only can’t identify that very well but we can also be identified as liars when we’re telling the truth because our face expression doesn’t match our words.

We need to remember though that the method described in the article won’t work very well in private life – especially people going through difficulties may not want to discuss those in details with acquaintances or even friends and that doesn’t mean their problems are made up.

On a different note: as you may be aware I recently moved to blog semi anonymously and my real name slowly disappears from Google. Slowly. Another two or three weeks and I’ll re-publish my book in Kindle store. I often think about those days when I believed that my blog will change my life – in a way it did, I suppose, as I understand myself a little bit better, but apart from that things didn’t change.

I still spend loads of time thinking about some of the traumatic events I’ve been through within the last couple of years but I don’t post about it no more. Not necessarily because I want to hide those thoughts, but because it would be same old, same old.

I keep seeing articles on Facebook about people who turned their side hussle into a profitable business and I wonder can we not read about someone who tried but didn’t succeed but is still plodding on, regardless? I would find it much easier to relate to this person.

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