Broken boiler and a messy kitchen

The boiler lady finally arrived today. I don’t really know why she needed to go to the kitchen sink but she removed all dirty dishes from the sink. I asked her if she would like a cup of tea. She politely refused. She then went to the bathroom…

I remember how I claimed on my blog that, although I am a bit messy, I like a clean kitchen. Well, those times are certainly over. I mean, I would still like a clean kitchen but not desperately enough to tidy it up myself, especially when there is no heating and the temperature is 12C.

I think, unfortunately, even when the boiler is back working I will not be putting heating on other than on Christmas (and Easter, if it’s still cold). This is because I have no other life goals other than to learn how to cope with a cold.

Should I look for new goals? I don’t know what those could be. A while ago I had this idea to train as a GP, I even bought biology A level book (I didn’t open it yet, but I know exactly where it is – in the kitchen, next to the cooker) but after a few days I realised I would be unlikely to cope with the demands of a few years of study and if I didn’t finish the course I’d end up in a massive student debt without any good prospects of clearing it.

So I guess learning how to cope with a cold is not just current but also future life goal. If you have any ideas what else I could do to make my life more exciting please let me know. Thanks.

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