The heating engineer

I came from work at around 3pm and was waiting for the heating engineer to check on my broken boiler. I told them I’ll be in from 3.30pm as I wanted to tidy up a bit first. At around 3.38 I heard someone mentioning my address on the street, like if they were speaking over the phone. I looked out of the window and there was nobody outside of my door. Also I didn’t hear any knocking.

There was a van on a parking space but had a different logo than the company I was expecting so I didn’t do anything.

Ten minutes later I got a message from the person I booked the visit with: the engineer was in but there was no answer so he had to move on.

There is a clear sign with a flat number outside of my door but he’s not the first one who got it wrong.

I feel so fed up now. Communication, communication. Why didn’t he call?

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