My boiler broke down

Three hours after I decided to end my ‘no heating challenge’.

I don’t know if I actually posted about this challenge here. Possibly I was too cold; typing under the duvet is not ideal.

Basically some time before Christmas I joined the protest against rising energy prices and decided I will be using as little heating as possible. I’d sometimes put my old-fashioned gas fireplace on, which is in the lounge. Most days I’d sleep on the sofa as the rest of the flat was too cold.

Initially it was going ok and I thought I’d get used to this but as time passed I was realising I see John less often, stopped tidying up, I avoid the gym, showers are a struggle; mostly I’m just on the sofa under my duvet. Mind you, I could still afford the heating, I just wanted the challenge. I was also hoping this way I support Ukraine in their war against Russia, although John said our gas doesn’t come from Russia.

Yesterday I thought to myself: is that all I am going to have out of life? I can’t continue like this, I need a change. Today in the morning I put the heating on, took a shower that was fairly pleasant and I was meant to tidy up in the afternoon.

While I was waiting for my hair to dry I realized radiators are cold… the boiler broke down.

Ironic, isn’t it? But at least I had heating for Christmas, and I’m grateful for that.

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