My political views (Matt Lodge from Labour party)

I was waiting for Intensive Team to visit me today to ‘see if I took my meds’ so, as I live in first floor maisonette, I didn’t want to rush to the door for them and decided to leave it open. You see how safe I feel in my flat? Who would want to break in if the door is already broken? In that case prospective thief would be right – nothing much to steal in here.

I’ve heard a knock at midday and I shouted ‘it’s open, come in’ but nothing happened. I run downstairs and saw a single, short, middle aged man there, who turned out to be Matt Lodge from Labour party. And what I mean by that is not that Mr Lodge doesn’t have a life partner because a) I do not know and b) I frankly do not care but when Intensive Team comes over there’s always two of them, so they are double and Mr Lodge was alone so in this sense he was single.

Mr Lodge asked me about my political views and I cared to admit I didn’t have any. He then progressed to say that Labour really takes care of people and explained to me that The King makes sure that there is enough money in the country and government is only in charge of distribution, but they have no control over how much there is. I said: ‘Really? I thought The King’s job is to smile…’ and wave I wanted to add but he interrupted me.

I asked if Labour is socialist and he said yes. That didn’t convince me much. However, I needed to admit there were some good things about socialism; for example no one was ever jealous about other people’s dinners because everyone had access to only few simple ingredients so it wasn’t even about what you could or couldn’t afford.

Mr Lodge wasn’t very happy with this answer. But at least I was being honest, you know? Because you know what I think is really disgusting in this country? That some people think that having lasagne on a Tuesday evening is a problem because their neighbours are having steaks.

I kind of regretted Mr Lodge didn’t want to talk for too long about his political programme with me. Maybe I’d find out a few more details and change my mind? I am really flexible, for an autistic person, believe me.

UPDATE: I emailed the link to this post to Mr Lodge and received a prompt reply: Mr Lodge wasn’t doing any canvassing recently, it must have been his colleague.

That makes perfect sense to me; he does look like 10 years younger on his leaflet, although the facial features seem to be very similar. Also, where do I take it from?… he looks tall on the photo but was short in reality. So it wasn’t him.

I now wonder how I can look shorter on photos that don’t even show the entire body? It’s a really good question, isn’t it, for a female who is 5’11.

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