Constant state of flow

It’s 4.20am and I’ve been awake since midnight. So only slept 4h, and that is after two zopiclones.

I feel like I’m in a constant state of flow – I decided eventually to postpone my uni application for January deadline and focus on creating ‘caring with confidence’ course for women from ethnic minorities, but as a form to strengthen my application. After all I only worked approximately 1.5 years with clients with dementia and my bachelor is in computer science.

Anyway, I have the course planned and an overview done already, will add in further posts. But what I wanted to say is that I feel like I need to really focus on that – mixing procedures with understanding people. It does feel to me a lot like any minute I may forget everything I learned about people. And maybe that’s why my brain puts me through those unusual stages?

I’m helping myself with listening to Jean Michael Jarre and creating my patterns. It does feel like they come out better now.

I am worried I’d be always like that, though. That would be unacceptable.

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