I found out recently that there are scammers among Ukrainians. It’s so difficult for me to imagine that. I mean, I believe there are dishonest people in every nation but somehow it feels to me like the current crisis should cancel the dishonesty out! I wonder if neurotypicals think the same way?

I only found that out from Facebook, from other people posts. Apparently someone was using an Ukrainian actress photo to create a fake Facebook profile. There were also some other issues, but I don’t remember all of them.

Some people were also complaining that refugees are too demanding. I guess they may be in shock and just communicate in a blunt way, especially if they don’t know English well. That could explain some of the behaviours I read about, but one refugee apparently asked potential host if she can ‘dispose of’ her dogs! That’s not very kind, is it? But how do I know that is actually true and hasn’t been made up to get the host’s point across?

I will not be denying here but somehow, being from Eastern Europe myself, I’m more willing to take the Ukrainians side. You could possibly think that being autistic I will be naturally objective, but here you are.

I also read about some refugees going back to Ukraine for different reasons, some of them because they feel guilty of leaving their other family members and friends behind, some because they find it difficult to cope abroad, in a system that they do not understand.

I personally only spoke briefly with one peron, a single lady in her 30s but she was still in Kiev and was looking for help to get out of there. I had the feeling she may ask for money and the thing was, I didn’t know her. I didn’t even know if she really was in Kiev.

From what I see there’s still many more opportunities for refugees than for potential hosts. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it? I wonder whether neurotypical people predicted that but I thought that loads of Ukrainian people would want to come to the UK. It seemed to me like it made sense: loads of them lost their homes, they have nowhere to live and no jobs to support themselves. There’s war in their country. In the UK they will have a place to live and can find a job, they can save a bit of money. It makes sense to me that they would want to come and make the most of it.

I know they are still in shock. I wonder how the situation develops over time.

I regret a bit that I didn’t go to Poland. I really wanted to be there and help somehow, although I’m not quite sure I’d be able to find myself in that chaos. Sometimes, when I’m in Poland, I feel like it’s me who needs help – I completely don’t understand how things are organised and why water bill and waste bill are issued by different companies? So if somebody asked me for help, I wouldn’t be able to offer it really.

But the thing is, I’ll be afraid to go till after Putin withdraws his army from Ukraine, which may take a while.

It’s really sad. I love Poland and I want to go.

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