A little bit of Facebook drama

So it looks like one of the Facebook groups that was created to house refugees in the UK got closed down today. The last post I saw was from a lady who said she’s looking for accommodation under Homes for Ukraine scheme and someone pointed out that her Facebook profile states she’s Russian and lives and works in Hungary.

That, together with other things that happened there and that I already described briefly before must have been really annoying for the admins! However, I’m thinking, how come they didn’t predict that happening? They are neurotypicals, I assume, so they should have. At least that’s how I understand all the explanations that autistics lack social imagination – it means that neurotypicals don’t so they can easily predict what is going to happen in every, or at least most circumstances.

Am I wrong?

I don’t know where I’m going to find that right refugee now. However, what came to my mind yesterday is that by disclosing I’m a blogger I may attract people who are afraid of scam an exploitation. They may be more willing to come to stay with me only because I will seem more real to them while they will not want me to post anything about them at all.

Obviously, I can’t hide I’m a blogger, it wouldn’t be ok. Even writing about them while keeping their personal data private wouldn’t be ok if I don’t disclose I’m going to do it. And not writing about them at all wouldn’t be ok on me, as you can see I write about pretty much every human interaction (ok, once in a while I decide it’s better to keep something private) and I’m sure living with a refugee would be a constant source of content. But it really needs to be someone who would be ok with that!

To be honest my first thought, when I couldn’t find the group was that I got blocked, but it wouldn’t have much sense, would it? It’s not like I was harassing anybody, and I was only offering my room to people who looked like they may be a good fit. Certainly being an autistic blogger who writes about human interactions and informs about it openly from the start is less of an issue than being Russian living in Hungary but claiming to be Ukrainian refugee.

Oh well. Nothing I can do about that.

4 responses to “A little bit of Facebook drama”

  1. The metaverse has messed a lot of people’s minds and hearts up.
    We do tend to think of individual things online.
    [and offline too].
    For example I found a Hungarian pancake house called Kurtosh.
    Also there is a Social Imagination museum and art gallery that young people [15-26] have created. It is up some stairs.
    Rooming together has a way of keeping people honest!


    1. Thank you, Social Imagination museum sounds interesting, although I would think Social imagination gets better with age? Or maybe it doesn’t?

      I think I can imagine people reaction better as I get older, but the speed of improvement is much slower than in the neurotypical population so the gap is getting wider anyway!


      1. Some aspects of social imagination do get better

        [or they get different].

        I think even a lot of neurotypical people are overwhelmed with social imagination or it doesn’t matter a lot in their lives because they don’t need to do much imagining [as you have seen with some of the responses to refugees].

        Or being in and out of people’s comfort zones.

        I think there are peaks when it comes to the speed of development and the depth of development and how social imagination is integrated with the rest of your life [like interaction and communication]


      2. It’s all a really complex subject I think. Thank you!


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