Smart Goals vs Valued Directions

This is a very interesting post by Ashley Peterson. Ashley discusses Valued Directions which is a concept from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (the same thing that Sleep School is based on) and they are alternative to goal setting.

It reminds me of the concept of infinite games, that I see as a good approach to deal with some of autistic traits, while goal setting would be an example of finite game.

It’s interesting to also read about ‘dead person values’ – if a dead person can do that better than me, it’s not a value. For example ‘eating less’ wouldn’t be a value. I first came accross this concept… yesterday. And now, suddenly I read about it again. Does that mean it becomes popular? Does that mean I can eat as much as I want to or even, possibly, more? That bit is slightly confusing to me, I must say.

Exercising at the gym would be a value though, as dead person would be unable to do it. It’s strange to write about it this way, isn’t it? Especially as I just had a bereavement.

4 responses to “Smart Goals vs Valued Directions”

  1. I know this under Potato Values – if a potato can do it…


    1. You see, I’ve never heard about it!


      1. I found out about Potato Values exploring the medical and educational service worlds.

        [American direct support professionals use them in their family service plans – individualised hopefully]

        And I did think at first how unfair it was to potatoes – especially the ones that are still in the soil and stretching out their roots.

        Some of the Potato Values involve reception and response which may or may not be in the organism’s control.

        And some of them are good for minima.

        „If a potato can do this you can AT LEAST do this”.

        [this helps you think about what you have in common with a potato and indeed with all sentinent and sapient beings].

        Potatoes have not been known to set their directions.

        As long as the potato is growing it has a direction – to be eaten.

        [agency and subjectivity – which probably tells you something about my Valued Directions].

        And potatoes probably do not have values.

        If potatoes had SMART goals they would possibly be self-limited to propagation and its cycle.

        The difference between Potato Values and Dead Person Goals [I think] is the role of the environment – like the sun; rain; soil – and of space as well as time.


      2. I like potatoes, especially potato waffles 🙂


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