Really long walk

I did probably over 12km of walk today. I wish Google map could measure that (or maybe it does? How do I set it up?). I had to do various things in various parts of town and felt like I couldn’t even get on a bus, I had to walk instead. That’s how stressed I was. I suppose this is sophisticated form of wandering.

I ended up at the police station around lunch time, even though I didn’t have an appointment and found out my mum is not the only one who’s money has been stolen by that bank staff. The amount she stole in total is so high one could buy a villa for that. I wonder what she spent it on. She was a young woman with a husband and a child in primary school.

I still have no idea how much money my mum has left, I need to go to a branch in another town tomorrow to register power of attorney. It’s so funny that the bank has so sophisticated security measures but at the same time don’t care when clients money has been stolen, as they are now apparently claiming that it was all clients’ fault!

Oh, I also found out we were the first to report it. It is interesting of course but it would be better if there was nothing to report.


When I saw mum in the morning she seemed rather confused. I suppose it’s not easy to just spend time in bed with pretty much no entertainment. She asked how my brother is coping. I said he doesn’t cope very well but I didn’t tell her I came to stay in a hostel as I couldn’t look at the state of him any more. The solicitor asked her how long she has been in the care home and she said 3 weeks, while it was like 2 months. I guess not doing anything except of staying in bed had an impact here but it also showed me she’s getting slightly confused. Possibly I shouldn’t tell her she will be paying for the private care home (let’s hope she can still afford it) from her own money. ‘Yes mum, it’s private, but you’re not paying. It gets deducted from your pension. You got a letter from ZUS, remember?’. The letter was regarding the government care home, but she would believe that.

It’s difficult for me to lie, even when I know it would be better for her. I somehow believe that she should accept spending money on a care home for her is better than leaving it for my brother on alcohol, but I guess she still believes he’ll change.

I guess I also shouldn’t tell her about that massive leak in the kitchen.

It’s difficult, it was always her who dealt with various problems and try to make things work. Now she can’t. I don’t even know how she was thinking she can live with my brother permanently if I only managed 10 days.

I feel sorry for her.

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