Holding something fluffy

Guess what I was doing yesterday? Holding something fluffy as John said and it made me laugh.

Can you see the letter S on the photo? ‘Something fluffy’ is a jumper I was given by the agency I worked for a year ago. It had their logo embroidered at the front and for that reason I wasn’t wearing it. So yesterday I decided to remove it. It took me over 2 hours in total and when I wore it for the first time today in the morning it turned out the jumper is a bit small for me; I can barely zip it up. So I wear it unzipped, problem solved, as long as it’s not too cold.

I bought RENPHO feet massager yesterday, and it got delivered today. I used it immediately; I had 15 minutes of insane feet massage. I give the thing 5 stars. It will definitely help when I come back from work, tired and with achy feet.

Apart from that I feel pretty ok. It seems to me that lamotrigine is working as my depression mostly disappeared. I was actually thinking at some point that I’m going maniac again (hence feet massager purchase, I also bought some clothes from Asos) but I took double dose of olanzapine before bed on that day and since then I’m fine.

I have the feeling lately that my life is a bit boring; apart from the fact that I started a new job nothing else is happening and I don’t even blog as often as I used to. I need to finish my book about my autistic way of thinking and I need to publish it but I keep postponing it as I feel my experience may not be relatable for autistic people, at least not for now. But I will definitely do it at some point.

PS. My feet feel fantastic now.

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