Trading for autistics part 2

Unfortunately I came to conclusion that trading may be not for me. I find it upsetting how unpredictable it can be. Also I didn’t read Meta financial statement that has been released yesterday evening. And I didn’t read it because I thought doing patterns is much more fun.

Today Meta’s shares went up 14%, then again to 29% and from that back down to 14%. Total chaos, who came up with that?

I do hope other autistic people will find trading more fun; for me it looks like I need to focus on having a job to make the ends meet.

2 responses to “Trading for autistics part 2”

  1. I thought it was a correction when it came to Meta.

    And doing patterns is much more fun.

    Are you following the Hindenberg people [short sellers]?

    And it is the classic dealing in and with “imperfect information”.


    1. Hindenberg people? It looks like I have a lot to learn!


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