Side effects

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday afternoon and I thought that possibly I’d need to give up on taking lamotrigine but I was perfectly fine when I woke up today so fingers crossed. Obviously it is too early to say I’ll be able to take this medication safely and it is upsetting to think that so may meds didn’t work for me. The biggest disappointment was aripiprazole which made me feel fantastic for a week and then, the second week, I was agitated and irritable.

When I had my appointment the doctor also asked if I ever taken antidepressants. I did indeed, when I worked in Home Group, to be able to cope with harassment. Did they make me maniac? Possibly that’s what it was. And that made me fight with my coworker (let’s call her Devi). Maybe if I wasn’t on it I’d leave.

It’s 8am now and I have no plans for today. I’m still feeling depressed, which is understandable, I can’t expect meds to work that quickly. I may go to the gym though.

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