1. Someone on my Facebook bipolar group asked how we experience mania, so I said this:

‘I don’t experience mania as such; I go almost straight to psychosis and after two days I have police drugging me out of my flat.

After psychosis I’m hypomaniac for a bit which means high productivity, energy and creativity, good mood and quite sociable. Then like 3 months later comes the worse depression I can imagine.

I’m now on meds but still in depressive state. I hope doctor will add lamotrigine when I see him on Monday.’

2. And this way my blog turned from autism and communication to bipolar. But then bipolar is part of me; isn’t it?

3. To lift my mood I made an enquiry to Jurnee yesterday. If you don’t know, Journee is an online surprise trip organiser: you fill in a form about your preferences and they send you a trip proposal, without revealing the destination; you will only find that out from a card they post to you after you pay and, ideally, you should only open it when you’re already at the airport but the trip proposal contained flights timing and airport so I checked the departture schedule and I suspect they were sending me to Alicante. I never wanted to go to Alicante but now I do. Funny how that works, doesn’t it?

4. I was being creative today, after a long break. That’s one of the results:

5. I’m dieting again after eating two Polish cakes on Easter pretty much on my own. Yes, John was here but he only had one slice. I also had Polish chocolate truffles and fairly large British chocolate egg.

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