Was it worth it?

My blog is a form of creative self expression. I set it up around 20 months ago. Up until recently I’d often blog about workplace bullying and it was all based on my own life experience. Because of what happened during my employment tribunal claim (Home Group claiming my autism diagnosis was private and they paid for it while it was on NHS) I can now blog as much as I want about them and they cannot sue me for libel.

If not this my blog wouldn’t exist. But I blog about other things as well: I’d say 95% of my posts don’t mention Home Group. And yet even those posts would never get written if that drama in my life didn’t happen. The drama triggered my need to get out of my comfort zone.

I remember how I used to say very often to John that I like my job but… I want something more from life. I have it now – my blog. And the book that is temporarily unpublished but it will go back on Kindle soon.

Was it worth it though? I didn’t build a following; mind you blogs are apparently dead now. Even I don’t read any but I watch Facebook reels. Should I start making reels then? I wouldn’t be good at it, my flat is in a mess and, most importantly, my content would never fit into a reel.

Was it worth it then? To go through all this drama just to have a blog? And a book.

I didn’t decide yet but I can’t turn back time, can I?

I did some patterns yesterday, so here you are:

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