It doesn’t snow very often in England, let alone in March but here you go:

I think I will use that as an excuse to stay indoors the entire day, curled up on the sofa. I’m glad I bought some food yesterday so I don’t need to go shopping today, although will probably need to go tomorrow as I’m running low on my golden delicious.

I was intending to go for a lunchtime walk today with some people from a social group. I presume this will be cancelled?

I continue to sleep really well, thanks to olanzapine – I sleep so well that I regret waking up every morning. It seems like life is not exciting enough during the day. I am not sure how to make it exciting though. Not only most activities require money and quite a lot require eating while I’m trying to lose weight but most importantly I keep having an impression that I already tried everything in life; nothing is new, nothing excites me. Even the thought of travelling doesn’t spark joy any more.

So yes, staying on the sofa is not a bad idea.

Tomorrow WordPress statistics are going to be transferred to another app that I’m not planning to download. I wonder how it’s going to feel like, not knowing how many readers I have, if any.

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