Adjusting to cold

I visited John for two days and I managed with temperature as low as 15C indoors while wearing only two layers of clothing.

As I mentioned on my blog multiple times I am (I was?) oversensitive to cold. If temperature indoors was 21C I’d wear long sleeve vest, jumper and a cardigan and still didn’t feel comfortable. So if I’m now managing to wear two layers at 15C that is an amazing progress.

How did I manage it? Through reducing heating. I must say here I didn’t believe this is actually going to work, but it did. It was stressful though, I spent countless hours under my duvet to keep warm and my flat is now more messy that it would normally be because it’s too cold to tidy up.

Was it worth it? Well, the winter is not over yet. I’m curious if I feel warm and comfortable when the temperature gets to 18C.

John was rather concerned about the impact this experiment has on my mental health and I cannot blame him, really. But he seemed to relax a bit when he realised I really got used to cold.

We had nice two days and he cooked me leek and ham pie with a scone topping on day two while he served dinner from Waitrose meal deal on day one; it was apparently £12 for two mains, two sides and a dessert. It was nice enough. We also had lunch in a garden centre cafe and my sandwich was absolutely delicious.

I’m back home now, doing not much. Another two days off ahead of me but I don’t have much planned. Boiler engineer will come over on Friday morning (which is in two days), hopefully there’s nothing too major wrong. For now I’m coping with an old fashioned gas heater in my living room. I keep it on low and it warms the room up to 16C. The rest of the flat is probably 12C.

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