I don’t want my wellness to be evaluated

Yesterday I was on one of my Facebook group and spoke with a lady who organises breakfast club somewhere in my town. The club apparently runs between 7 and 11 am Monday to Friday, first visit is free and it’s all been created to connect people so there’s chat and friendly atmosphere. I was a bit surprised that I never heard of it. I asked if I can pop in and write a blog post about it and she was like great, I’ll email you the details through messenger.

I was a bit surprised why it has to be a secret; it would make more sense if she wanted to promote the club.

A few hours later I got a message from her asking when I can come over so I replied 8-9 am today as I’m on my day off. She said she can’t do today as her car is in the garage and suggested next week and also asked me if I can come over in the evening.

I was really confused; felt like she might want to kill me. I checked her profile briefly and I realized she’s Herbalife consultant.

‘I thought it’s a breakfast club’ I said.

‘Yes it is’ she answered. ‘I do wellness evaluations in the evening too. Would you prefer morning next week instead?’ Instead of what? Having my wellness evaluated in the evening?

I did think she could have confused me with somebody else but together with hiding the location of the breakfast club it seemed to me like this is already suspicious: two red flags means the system is not safe and it really did feel to me like I’ll go there and there will be no breakfast club whatsoever.

I did finally tell that lady she probably confused me with somebody else but do you think that solved anything? You wish. Some people are impossible to communicate with. I learned over the years that happens if people have a hidden agenda, so maybe she is just really desperate to sell her Herbalife wellness packs?

She couldn’t come in the morning so she offered me an evening as an alternative, she said.

How is an evening an alternative to a breakfast club, I asked. (Asking direct questions don’t work on a person with a hidden agenda).

They do wellness evaluations in the evenings, she said again.

I literally felt like she’s hunting me. It ended with me telling her that her communication methods don’t fit with my autistic needs so I won’t be coming in.

I do wonder if a neurotypical person would manage to avoid a miscommunication here?

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