How to bribe cabin crew?

I just read an article in Metro where a flight attendand explains that the best way to get a better treatment or even an upgrade on the flight is to give some chocolates to the crew. The article doesn’t explain though when those gifts should be handed in so I’m not linking it as it could get you severely confused – at least that’s what it did to me.

I cannot imagine that bribing cabin crew in front of other passengers would get me anywhere really, and anyway, I bet they’d refuse.

Bribery was very popular in Poland during communism and a few years later; mostly with doctors but also police or even bus drivers. Mum explained to me that an invitation to offer bribe is a phrase ‘we have to be helping each other’ while an euphemism for a bribe was ‘an envelope’ because that’s how people were meant to give it – in an envelope (well, bus drivers would accept cash).

Chocolates wouldn’t fit nicely in an envelope, would they? And anyway, I really cannot imagine bribing anyone ever; I am convinced it would all finish in a big embarrassment, even if it was back in Poland and 15 years ago, but then no one ever told me we have to be helping each other; maybe that’s because due to being autistic I look a bit ‘not with it’ and everyone would just assume I won’t get the hint? If that’s the reason then at least being autistic gave me some benefits.

Anyway, it was a bit quiet on the blog recently and it will probably stay like that; sorry. I also still can’t make myself to promote my book, as I’m worried it will confuse people.

Possibly I’m destined to be one of those bloggers who never built a following. Nothing can be done about it.

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