My psychiatric nurse wants us to ‘move forward’

It’s been ages since the last post about communication; neurotypicals just didn’t give me enough inspiration. The purpose of my posts about communication is to prove that autistic people don’t necessarily take everything directly. Especially after our diagnosis!

As you my remember my previous nurse left around June time. As I was considered low risk I was given another worker who was a psychologist so she wasn’t able to discuss medication with me, at least not formally. Shortly after I developed another psychotic episode so was allocated an actual nurse again. I’ve been seeing her regularly after leaving hospital and two meetings ago she mentioned I may need to be given somebody else because she normally works with people with diagnosis of personality disorder.

I wasn’t very happy about another change but at least I don’t have personality disorder. That’s one diagnosis less.

The change wasn’t officially confirmed and my nurse said it may happen but it’s not certain. Yesterday she called me and left a voice mail stating that we need to talk about how we’re going to ‘move forward’ and I immediately thought does that mean we’re stuck? It also made me think that the fact I’m going to have a new nurse (or a support worker) has been confirmed.

You see, I understand indirect communication.

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