It depends on the imagination…

It’s 1930. Would you wear it?

Sorry for the quality of the photo – I was watching a film on Amazon Prime but it turned out I can’t make screenshots there so I got this from YouTube. It’s good enough to ilustrate my point, I hope.

I also hope I’m not committing a crime here – but if I am, I’m prepared to go to prison as long as I can blog from there – that should at least give some publicity to what I’m doing.

The film title is A Good Woman. Action takes place in Italy in 1930 but main characters are Americans. I am still at the beginning but find it difficult to follow. Too many characters for my autistic brain, but I’ll give it another go. It seems the plot may be interesting.

In this scene Helen Hunt, a full time mistress, and Scarlett Johansson, a conservative wife meet in a clothing shop while Helen Hunt is trying on a very revealing dress. Those two don’t know each other, yet, Hunt, knowing that Johansson is also American, asks her for a ‘honest opinion from home’.

‘Would you wear it?’ asks Hunt and I feel my anxiety going up immediately! That’s a minefield, isn’t it? At the same time I’m curious about what words the screenwriter, Howard Himelstein, is going to put into Johansson’s mouth.

And what I saw was absolutely priceless!

Johansson thinks for a few seconds, looking slightly uncomfortable but trying not to show it (at least that’s my interpretation of her face expression) and finally says ‘Well, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination, does it?’

‘It depends on the imagination – Hunt proclaimes confidently – Some men have more than others’. That means she’s hinting some men are exactly after what she has to offer. ‘Do you think it’s vulgar?’ – Hunt asks again.

My anxiety is going up again but this time I have some confidence in the screenwriter. He got us out of trouble once already, didn’t he?

Johansson thinks for a bit again and finally answers ‘Well, some people might…’ she doesn’t finish the sentence but that is exactly enough and she’s not being impolite, is she?

I wanted to be a screenwriter at some point, but I’d never come up with that myself. Not in a million years! Thank you Mr Himelstein!

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