Easter food

Ok, Easter was a few weeks ago but I only finished my chocolate egg at the end of last week. Also around Easter I decided I have to try to eat a bit more, maybe I’m not loosing weight because I eat too little, I thought – yes, I did hear those theories. Possibly though it wasn’t the right time to do that, with all the Easter cakes?

Anyway, I started feeling really stuffed again so I told myself to go on the scale and yes, I put on weight, 5kg, which is a little bit under a stone. Mind you, with my height and me already being overweight that doesn’t really show, but I am aware if I want to loose weight, I’d first have to loose this, before progressing to what I had to loose before.

And I’m asking myself, how did that happen? When I was putting all this effort into dieting it felt like I was barely eating anything and didn’t loose anything. Then I ate a little bit more and I gained. It does look like my metabolism is not great. I did read once there were those research being done on people who were on numerous diets over the course of their life that apparently their metabolism got really bad and they’re burning around 400 kcal a day less than a person of the same weight that never was on a diet.

But then, who knows, maybe their metabolism was like that before they started dieting, and that’s why they felt they need to be on a diet to begin with? Also it wasn’t quite clear to me how the amount of calories they burn has been measured.

One good thing in this situation is that I certainly don’t feel hungry. It would be terrible if I have to loose weight but felt hungry all the time. However, I feel a bit defeated you know? I was trying and it didn’t work. Although who knows, maybe the stress I was under after my mum died prevented me from loosing weight even though I wasn’t eating much? We will see how things will go.

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