What is the time difference between Israel and the UK?

Around two weeks ago I came across a post by an Israeli therapist who wanted to speak with autistic people who were diagnosed at least a few years ago. I volunteered and we agreed for a zoom interview for today. She asked if 10am will be ok for me and I said yes, but what is the time difference between Israel and the UK? I didn’t want to ask whether she meant 10am my or her time – that seemed too direct, almost impolite, like if accusing her of expecting me to run my life on her schedule. She however didn’t pick up on my hint and only answered to the direct part of my question – the time difference is 2 hours. As I didn’t want to question any further, I had to set my alarm for 7.20am today, still not knowing when the interview is going to take place exactly.

I must say, however, despite of some inconvenience, I was hugely relieved when she sent me zoom link a few minutes after 9am. The interview was meant to take place at 10am my time, therefore the therapist didn’t expect me to run around her schedule. It was just a misunderstanding. That misunderstanding however made me realise I have to put more effort into how I communicate during the interview, so that she could understand me easily.

I believe the interview went well, although I had a bit of problems with holdimg my tablet in place.

When I compare with what a mess I made during the chat on a podcast I was invited in August last year, it was just completely different experience. I guess however, giving an interview to a therapist for research project requires different type of communication, one based on information which is what I am good at, while on the podcast I had the impression I had to be entertaining and funny. That is now making me aware I should not overdo during the radio programme tomorrow morning. Btw, who would think communication can be such a complex issue?

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