There will be mass for me in Tabgha, Israel on Sunday morning

Seriously, I’m not making this up! A few weeks ago I found, without even looking, Fabryka Opowieści, a company in Poland that specialises in business storytelling and I signed up to their newsletter. The owner, Monika Górska I’d say, turned out to be very creative with her writing. A bit too creative possibly.

Shortly after I signed up to the newsletter Ms Górska went to Israel and she’s writing a book there. She seems to be really enjoying being there and her newsletter is getting more and more personalised in a freakish way.

A few days ago she wrote that she loves me and I was kind of ok with it. I mean I told myself ‘this is just creative writing and her business is about creative writing so that’s ok’ but today she wrote that she’s hoping I will have ‘light coloured eyes giving me attention this Easter’ and that was already a bit off putting and I really started thinking why colour of those eyes is so important for her (John has brown eyes so he wouldn’t qualify) and then she wrote that there will be a mass for me in Tabgha, in Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter on Sunday morning.

This is freaking me out! I am fully aware how newsletters are created, I mean everyone on the email list gets the same text with their name but such a literal language is really grabbing my attention. It makes me feel like she knows me and she knows what I’m doing when I read her newsletter.

I wonder if neurotypical people would have the same reaction?

I initially intended to unsubscribe but guess what? I now want to know what is going to happen next. My own reactions really surprised me. And I thought I know myself well.

Maybe I should create a newsletter? But that means more work! Let me think.

2 responses to “There will be mass for me in Tabgha, Israel on Sunday morning”

  1. I have no idea what she’s talking about. Since she’s keen on Easter, could the light-coloured eyes have any sort of biblical connection?


    1. Perhaps? I took it very literally 🙂 still, even though the newsletter is extremely freakish, I don’t want to unsubscribe, while I have no problems with unsubscribing from regular newsletters.

      I keep thinking how can I apply this knowledge to my blog 😛

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