I’m considering taking a few days off from WordPress

Although, obviously there’s something to say every day. However, on some days it may be more difficult than on others.

I read an article on BBC today about damage and crimes caused in Ukraine by Russians. The description of events wasn’t very detailed, but it didn’t need to be. A woman in her 50s was raped and her husband killed. Another woman in her 30s was raped in front of a child, her husband was killed and house burned down. Do I need to know the details?

Both men were buried in their gardens by neighbours and I was trying to imagine how the neighbours were getting ready to do that, like if it was a normal part of life. They had to apply flexible thinking to make this decision. It’s a wartime so burying dead people in their gardens is normal. And obviously they were helping the wives – possibly they couldn’t do much more than that.

I was trying to imagine what they were feeling and thinking during such an impromptu funeral.

I think it would be safe to go to Poland now but I don’t really want to go. I feel guilty that I was able to wait here, in my flat, far away from everything, while other people were going through such a trauma.

Obviously I am fully aware I wouldn’t be able to help them, but it feels so bad that nothing could have been done.

How come one silly, pathetic man can do so much damage and no one can stop him?

Obviously I will need to go to Poland at some point soon, possibly after Easter.

I was meant to start part time cleaning job today, just a few days assignment, but it got cancelled yesterday. I don’t feel I am ready to go back to care work just yet.

I don’t promise I’ll take a break from blogging, but it is a bit difficult. There’s no major events in my life at the moment, my thinking seems to be fragmented a lot, I read about the war for example, I get stressed, then I try not to think about it and relax. Then when I am relaxed I feel like blogging about whatever relaxing activity would be such a lie…

I will see how it goes but if there’s no new posts for a few days, that will be why.

2 responses to “I’m considering taking a few days off from WordPress”

  1. I’ve mostly been staying away from the news, but I did happen to see the BBC article about the woman in her 50s. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what it would feel like for the people going through that.


    1. Yes, it’s totally terrible.

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