Cafe – film with Jennifer Love Hewitt

I just watched that film – apparently we are all avatars in a virtual reality, we don’t really exist. But we think we do.

It was the best film I’ve seen in ages. Surprisingly it doesn’t have the best rating, only 5.5 stars, out of 10 on IMDB. That’s really strange to me. Is this a film for autistics or something?

That brings me to the following problem: it is difficult to enjoy life when things that are being recommended by most people don’t excite you and those that you could like a lot don’t get talked about because most people don’t really like them that much so you never find out about them.

3 responses to “Cafe – film with Jennifer Love Hewitt”

  1. I don’t tend to pay all that much attention to reviews unless they’re actually giving me new information about whatever is being reviewed. I don’t really care what other people like; I care what I like.

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    1. Yes, sure, I just meant it’s difficult to find out about stuff if not many people recommend it 🙂

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