I’ve lost my water bill

After my cold symptoms significantly improved yesterday, today I seem to be getting worse again. I was going to find my water bill today to finally pay it, which would still be 6 days after the deadline, but with this cold it may not be possible. I wonder where it is though, I normally dump letters in the kitchen, by the microwave, but this time the bill doesn’t appear to be there. If I still can’t find it in the next 3-4 days, I may need to call Thames Water and admit my lack of organisation skills.

I wonder, should I just say I lost the bill or should I explain that I lost it because I’m autistic? But doesn’t the second option sound like if I am trying to find ways to get out of paying it? It’s really difficult sometimes to know how neurotypicals may understand certain elements of communication.

I have ideas for at least 4 blog posts, including one about some tricks used by bullies, but I may not be able to write them today. It’s only 11am, so possibly I may feel better in the afternoon, we will see. But if not, at least Mr Henderson and Mr Scope will have a bit of rest from me. I really worry about both of them, you know? They’re still human beings to me and I’m aware human beings are prone to mistakes when they’re faced with unusual challenge. I wish I was able to help them somehow, possibly by providing guidance? This is what I am trying to do really, but possibly they’re rejecting it as I sound sarcastic? This is just a mask thought and I really believe I could benefit from language and speech therapy, but as this is not available, both Mr Henderson and Mr Scope have to deal with me as I am.

I may watch a film on Amazon Prime. A nice romantic comedy will do me good.

2 responses to “I’ve lost my water bill”

  1. I don’t think that would sound like you’re trying to get out of paying the bill.

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    1. It’s so difficult to work out what people may think in response to certain, perfectly innocent, statements.

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