Why everything I know about autism is wrong – dr Jac den Houting

I just watched the above speech and you know how I feel? It makes me sad. I can’t quite understand why, dr Jac is so confident on stage and they allowed themselves the comfort of appearing without shoes. Not that I’m jealous of that, I need both socks and shoes, unless I’m in bed, but I can see that as important for someone who prefers to have bare feet.

I guess the sadness could be due to the idea that autism is not a disability. I believe it is, unfortunately. And it’s not necessarily true that autistics always communicate well with other autistics. I was a member of that autistic female group (it got closed down a while ago) where we had drama on a regular basis. I also remember that, being 9 years old I really didn’t like how direct my dad was while speaking to some ladies that we met on the bus to Warsaw. And that was me, autistic and only 9 years old. I remember the way he delivered information made me feel uncomfortable.

I believe that we, autistics, have the same, or at least very similar need for other people to be polite as neurotypical people do but we can’t necessarily deliver it and that is what’s causing drama. So yes, we have problems with social communication and I really don’t like that this is being ignored by an autism researcher.

I wonder whether I’d like dr Jac if I meet them in person? And if I didn’t, would that mean I have a problem? Maybe I’m not autistic enough, and that’s why I want to be more accepted?

Strange thing: a speech by an autism activist made me sad. It should make me cheerful instead.

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