I’m a wise woman, it seems

Image added on 10th of April 2022

I saw that quote on Facebook just a minute ago: A wise person learns from everyone and everything, an average from their own experience and stupid one knows everything best.

If that’s true, it would suggest I am the wise one: I learn from other people experience, from articles online and in magazines, blogs, books, films, songs lyrics, Facebook, my own experience of course and even from random pieces of information that appears on my mobile screen like notifications.

However, I am certainly still making mistakes. And quite a lot of them. There are also areas of my life where, although I certainly am aware I don’t know everything, I am also not learning anything.

I wonder now if something is wrong with me, or possibly the quote doesn’t apply to autistic people or it’s plainly wrong. But if it’s wrong, why people keep sharing it?

That reminds me about my Inspiring Change 100 project. It was all about positive vocabulary that didn’t imply false half-truths. I was having problems with finding people to participate in it, and when I found somebody interested they usually had terrible problems with following instructions. Is that how neurotypicals think?

2 responses to “I’m a wise woman, it seems”

  1. I think making mistakes is how we continually learn from others.


    1. Possibly 🙂 I wish I could get there myself.

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