Other people have the same experience as me? (I like Boris)

Image added on 10th of April 2022

I still can’t wrap my head around what happened yesterday. There is a very strong Polish community in Swindon and I used to be in touch with them for a bit, I even was a teacher in Polish Saturday School for a year. I’m not doing anything with them now but I have them on Facebook and I know they also run Polish Radio called PRS 24.

Yesterday in the evening I saw a Facebook post by a Polish lady who is very active in the community, she took a photo of herself in the radio studio and was saying thank you for letting her use the studio for her university project. I saw the microphones and even the acoustic panels on the wall and I thought how unlikely it is that she was in the studio doing project on the same day that I was attempting my first recording. And I just couldn’t wrap my head around it because that would mean that other people have the same experience as me.

It always felt to me that I am so different that it wasn’t possible that somebody else experience was similar. I mean, of course I realised that we all go to school, look for a job, fall in love and go through breakups, but somehow I didn’t really see that as similar experience. And here a simple Facebook photo made me think in a different way: I was in the studio recording and she was in the studio recording. We were doing the same thing on the same day! What an eye opener!

Later on I saw a brief recording of Boris laughing while Rishi Sunak was giving a speech and mentioning war in Ukraine. Rishi didn’t see Boris laughing, thank god for that, as otherwise I’d have to say this behaviour was impolite. People on Facebook were commenting that Boris was disrespectful towards the citizens of Ukraine and I thought, can you please give the man a break? He’s been through Brexit, pandemic and lockdown, covid infection and now the war. This is a nervous laughter, I said, he had had enough. And anyway, is him being serious in this particular moment going to change anything for Ukraine?

Later on I realised that what happened was, I allocated Boris my own experience, my nervous laughter I experienced while trying to record. The fact that I was laughing didn’t mean that the thing I was talking about wasn’t important to me, it only meant I couldn’t really comprehend what was happening, it seemed all too surreal to me.

Did Boris laugh for similar reason? Possibly the war, and his entire experience as a prime minister is too surreal for him? Possibly he didn’t expect all of that is going to happen, the only unusual challenge he knew about was Brexit. Someone said, however, Boris was pulling faces towards someone sitting opposite. I didn’t really notice that, for me it was just laugh. Possibly inappropriate, yes, but how I see it is, Boris shows everyone that we don’t need to present ourselves as a professionals 100 percent of the time to be successful. Although I understand that neurotypical people may see the situation differently. Possibly as a sign of overconfidence?

I don’t know. I wish I could work for government for a bit to assess the situation from my, autistic perspective. This is, however, rather unlikely to happen. Which is sad, isn’t it?

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