What is my plan for the radio program?

So tomorrow I’m going to our local radio station called Swindon 105.5. The manager told me that she wants to talk about ‘plan’. But I don’t have any! I thought, if my program is going to be 5 to 10 minutes long plan is not necessary, I’ll just talk about things that I have already wrote about on the blog (well, possibly not all of them).

Using the word ‘plan’ makes me think like if they are serious about me. But what if they are not? Not everyone uses words with such a precision that every single one of them means exactly what I understand.

Or possibly I just won’t do very well? Maybe the listeners will be calling the station only to say that I annoy them? Surely I can be quite annoying at times! Sometimes I guess this is because I don’t get to see things from other people perspective, but I recognised that as an issue and I’m working on it, but at other times I just believe people need to be told the truth. Like with the overspending issue: we cannot expect that we can have everything we want and call it ‘life’. Funnily enough I came accross online sources recently about some celebrities telling the same thing and they are apparently getting some negative feedback because of that.

But I still believe people need to be told the truth. Not that I want to run a program about how (not) to spend money, although that would at least give me something to focus on.

So I don’t have any plan for tomorrow, but then I think, I have no idea what the listeners would like, do I? I kind of don’t need a plan. I just hope it will all unfold itself somehow.

Oh, BTW, I didn’t write about this yet: when I first met the manager, and her name is Shirley, as she was letting me out and pointing which way to go towards the bus stop, she asked me if I listen to announcements about which bus stop we’re approaching when I’m on the bus, and I was totally baffled by this question! I thought, why did she ask me that, I’m going home, I know well enough where to get off, after living in this town for over 8 years. She kept quiet for a bit looking at my face that must have shown my confusion clearly, even though I am not good at expressing my emotions through my body language, and finally she said: ‘It’s me’. And I still didn’t know what she meant!

She finally explained she’s the voice that gives the announcements! How silly of me not realising that sooner!

I bet neurotypical person would pick up on that immediately instead of just looking puzzled. You see, I’m so smart with some things but absolutely clueless with others. Isn’t that annoying? It sometimes is, believe me.

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