I got called a troll today (refugees will get benefits)

I’m spending significant amount of time on Facebook groups dedicated to help refugees. I will continue my observation of British public and will keep posting what I’ve noticed.

Today I saw a post from a lady who was upset because ‘her’ refugees changed their mind on the last minute and said they’re not coming. She was really offended by that and didn’t see the fact that refugees need to make a very difficult decision and they need to do what is best for them in this situation, even if that requires changing their mind. When I pointed out to her that she doesn’t see things from other people perspective she called me a troll. She was polite otherwise, so normally I would get confused about that, but I know now that this is a technique not very nice people may use. A very good one, I must say. ‘Being polite otherwise’ is like a smoke screen for what they are doing.

Another lady complained that people are asking her what jobs they can find in the area and she gets fed up with that so she stopped bothering. As I stated already, loads of accommodation offers are in villages or small towns where jobs may be difficult to find. And is that bad that refugees want to go to places where they can find jobs easily?

I pointed that out to her and she wrote:

There are 1.2 mln vacancies in the UK.

Red flag – refugees won’t be staying ‘in the UK’, they will be staying in a specific area and if they are in a village in Devon it will be very difficult for them to commute to work in Glasgow. But the lady made it sound like it is possible!

But I’m not a recruiter, I can’t answer questions what jobs are available.

Well, that on its own would sound fair enough, but we have the first sentence to take into consideration as well.

Refugees will get benefits.

The last sentence tells it all: Refugees will get benefits. They are not here to work, jobs are for the British, refugees should be grateful that they have places to stay for the time being.

Absolutely no consideration of the fact that those are people who lost everything and they need to build up their savings.

BTW, it’s funny how paying attention to language that people use can expose their true intentions. I really don’t need to see their body language for that.

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