Feeling panicky about my trip tomorrow

A few hours ago I received email through Booking.com that my hostel reservation has been cancelled. The property called me a few minutes later to confirm and stated that they had a large group of students coming and are overbooked. That never happened to me before. I started thinking, whether, possibly they were told by government to accommodate refugees and they just don’t want to admit that. I was offered a different hostel instead and I said yes, but as I didn’t receive a new confirmation, I called that new hostel and I was told, yes, they are aware of me and they had a bed for me but they don’t have it anymore. Strange, isn’t it? I wasn’t given any explanation, just a suggestion to direct my complaints to the first hostel (a standard response in Polish customer service. I’m obviously aware that statement wouldn’t be allowed in the UK).

I don’t know what is happening. I checked Booking.com website and there are still some rooms available, even in hostels. I really don’t like this situation. Possibly it’s a sign I shouldn’t go? I didn’t check in yet and don’t have train ticket. Maybe it’s better to stay? I really don’t know.

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