Another thing I don’t understand (£350)

The British are currently arguing about the £350 that the government gives towards hosting Ukrainian refugees. Some of them are calling the government ‘shitty’ and claim it’s not enough. Obviously it’s not much, if they rent the room out privately they would get twice as much for two people (depending on the location) and some want to give refugees two rooms!

And to clarify, the £350 is per address, not per room or per person. But this is to help people who lost everything and have nowhere to go, do they not understand that? I’m autistic and it seems like I understand the refugees’ perspective much better.

But you know what is the best? The people who are arguing don’t even have anyone to host as refugees are not really that eager to come here.

So the hosts don’t have anyone to host, yet they’re arguing that they’re not being paid enough.


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