British supremacy

I read the above article today and was absolutely shocked! It’s about black chemistry professor who had his every single application for funding or research turned down! I could not believe that. I guess, because I’ve never seen British person being rude to someone who is black, I assumed racism doesn’t really exist. I posted about it several days ago – I used to live in Poland till I was 29 and, as there are very few foreigners there, racism never gets discussed. And when I came to the UK I had so many social concepts to work out that thinking about racism was not on my radar.

However, what I just realised is that British are rarely rude to me too. Very rarely, even though I’m autistic and I certainly break social rules. Yet, I still feel I’m being treated worse than another British, like if I’m being put down indirectly and I’m still able to pick up on that even though I’m autistic. So possibly actual racism is another level of the same thing: British supremacy.

That’s what a lot of people seems to have problem with: I’m Polish, in my 40s but I have two bed flat and my mortgage is already paid off. While they’re British, in their 60s and renting. It’s not supposed to be like that, is it?

British are really good when they see someone from another country struggling and in need of help. They’re rushing to deliver it. But the problem starts when the help is no longer needed.

To understand this concept I researched archetypes. This website describes some of them, but not all of course:

British are playing The Caregiver. Which is great when this is needed, but they are unable to move on from this role while keeping their confidence and assertiveness. Instead they start being passive-agressive. I guess this may be to cover up the fact that they are not ready to take responsibility for their finances (‘I can’t afford’ is their favourite saying. Another one I love is ‘but it’s worth it’ used as an excuse to spend money on something they don’t need – I’ll post about it on another occasion). Or possibly that they’re not very intelligent?

Those passive aggressive behaviours are not something that another person could easily pick up on and only when I see someone making certain comments repeatedly it starts making sense to me what is happening. It may be for example be a question ‘are you going to take a taxi? It takes a long time to get to yours on the bus’. So it’s possible that in the same way I wouldn’t notice that someone is using similar behaviours to put a black person down.

I’m continuing to read ads on the Facebook groups for hosting Ukrainians in the UK. Ukrainians started appearing there today, but still, there’s not too many of them. Most admit they speak little or no English. However, I’ve seen an ad from a lady who was fluent in English, was educated as a translator and mentioned she used to work as an executive. She wanted to go to London. It was quite obvious for me she was hoping to get a good job there, with her experience, but not many Londoners are on the group. And fair enough, houses in London are expensive so people buy as small as possible and as a result they don’t have rooms available. But one response really shocked me: a man from a small town offered that lady a room and a job ‘in his little business’. What was that business, I thought? Fish and chips take away? Obviously the staff needs to speak English to be able to communicate with clients, that’s why he wanted her. What she wanted was not important, he believed he was helping her. British supremacy at its finest.

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  1. Yes!!! As a foreigner I agree 100 percent!


    1. Glad this is not only my opinion then!


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