Archetypal war vs down to earth war

It’s 23.52 now. I can’t sleep, as usual when I try to work out what is going on. So I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon where on one side you have this enormous willingness of British public to take Ukrainian refugees into their homes and, what looks like almost no Ukrainians wanting to go. Some of the people of Britan post offers of beautiful houses but loads of them are located in small towns or even villages. Would I want to go to live there without access to a car? Probably not. Would I want to go there when I’m in shock after losing everything that I have and knowing my husband may die any minute and if I wouldn’t even know any English? Answer this question yourself.

During the last couple of weeks population of Poland increased by around 5 percent. That is a lot. But at least the Ukrainians there have each other, we also had a very strong Ukrainian community before the war so there are some people there who can show them around and offer shoulder to cry on.

I also strongly suspect that what most British people look for in Homes for Ukraine scheme are archetypes. They want to meet Ukrainian equivalent of Jan Nowak Jeziorański, somebody that they could talk about for years after the person moves on and becomes famous. But unfortunately the ‘down to earth war’ looks a little bit different. And possibly I can see it from both perspectives because I’ve heard both types of stories. The archetypal one at school and on TV, and the down to earth one from my parents, grandparents and neighbours.

You know which story from WWII I remember the best? When my dad told me about the family from his village that been confiscated a cow by Nazis. The wife then insisted on his husband to go and demand it back because their kids had no milk. He never came back, Nazis killed him. That is the down to earth war.

So possibly it’s not just autistics who have problems with seeing things from other people perspective? Neurotypicals have that problem too, looks like it, in situations that they can’t easily apply their life experiences to.

I thought, when I go to Poland, I’d spread the word about this government initiative, but now I think we can’t move people even further away if they are in shock and don’t know what they’re doing only because we think they have a chance to stay in a beautiful house.

Possibly by remaining in Poland they feel closer to home, even if what was once their home doesn’t exist any more?

Maybe it’s not the wisest decision, but then, people should be allowed unwise decision. Mental capacity act (if you don’t know what to do, think about wherever there is a procedure that would cover it).

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