The beauty of being able to set up a Facebook group easily

Ok, so I found a UK based Facebook group dedicated to providing housing for Ukrainians. There’s loads of British there, offering beautiful rooms in spacious houses and very few Ukrainians. The Ukrainians that advertised there spoke perfect English, were either artists or journalists and received multiple responses. That was almost like an audition for a host! That was yesterday. No new Ukrainians today. I guess they don’t even know the group exist. Also the people advertising don’t state whether they are willing to take someone who doesn’t speak English.

I wonder, if I take someone who doesn’t speak English, would that help the fact that I’m autistic (we would barely talk anyway so I wouldn’t be in a situation where I’m expected to provide them loads of emotional support) or would that make it more difficult (I wouldn’t be able to send them positive vibrations through my body language)? Or maybe a bit of both?

Or maybe I’d feel like every time when I’m in a hostel, in a dorm, sharing room with strangers? ‘The more people the easier they are to ignore’ is my motto. I mean I apply that to holiday, which is not a normal situation, but what we have now is not normal either. Maybe I’ll be alright then?

It’s so difficult to know!

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