‘Pray for Ukraine’

I came across the above statement and only then it hit me: I am really attached to the way how we, Polish, use language, even though I live in the UK for around 14 years now.

Poland is a Catholic country and, although not everyone goes to church regularly, a lot of people do. Also not going to church, although accepted, is seen as some kind of statement. Some people probably only go because of tradition and conformity, not because they really believe in God that much.

However, if a person in position of power tells you that you have to pray, that means they’re not going to help you. Sometimes priests use it this way! Sometimes also this statement is used by young people to tell somebody sarcastically that their situation is hopeless but this is only being used when there’s no serious danger (‘You didn’t study for the exam? Pray!’).

I feel really uncomfortable now seeing this statement being used to express empathy towards Ukraine. It is clear to me that statement is not being used the same way we use it in Poland and it just sounds so wrong.

It also makes me think it can’t be true that autistics take everything directly. Clearly we can work out hidden meanings of phrases if we hear them more than once.

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