Long term help options for Ukrainians

What came to my mind a few hours ago is, how are we going to progress from this situation? Yes, loads of countries want to accept refugees and offer them help but this is for a few years only. And then what? I guess it is clear for everyone now that as long as Russia’s problem doesn’t get dealt with properly Ukrainians can’t go back to their country as the same thing may happen again in a few years.

I did post here a few times that I believe that Putin is a narcissist but some people say it’s all due to Russian belief that Ukraine should become part of Russia again. But then I’m thinking, Lithuania used to be part of Poland several years ago. And yes, that was quite a while back, but it would be cool if this could happen again. Some young Lithuanians can even speak Polish, they learned from their grandparents. But then, you know, I’d never signed up for attacking this country because of that (and not because of anything else either).

I remember how a young guy described his sex drive once: ‘when I see a girl in a short dress, I can think about sex, but not about rape’.

So what is going to be done about the Russian problem? Are world leaders thinking about that?

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