Should I take a refugee?

I’ve been thinking, maybe when (and if) I go to Poland, I should find an Ukrainian refugee to bring back with me? I would need to tidy up the spare room, but it’s not too bad and I recently got rid of a massive armchair from there, that wasn’t very comfortable to sit on, so there is some space for boxes or stuff. I mean, I’m obviously aware of all the challenges, I’m autistic and never wanted to have a lodger, but this is different, this is to help somebody, so I could hopefully manage for a couple of months?

I’m aware the refugee may suffer with PTSD, but I guess I could help them to go to doctor? I wonder if I’ll be able to communicate with them in their native language, in case if they didn’t speak English? I don’t even know if Ukrainian is similar to Polish. Czech and Slovak are quite similar but Lithuanian is completely different.

It seems to me like helping somebody is more important than my comfort, and at least they probably won’t be requesting me to send them back, like my mum used to do when she was here.

I’d like to get to know this person at least a little bit, to assess if we get on, but at the same time I don’t want to give someone hopes if I decide I don’t like them and choose somebody else. I also wonder how to organise that.

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