Is calling to kill Putin wrong?

I read lately a couple of articles where people explained that when they made certain statements they didn’t mean that they were calling for Putin to be killed. And I’m wondering, is calling to kill him wrong?

I’m sure that most people would agree that killing in self defence is ok. Killing during a war, when you have no choice because your country has been attacked, is ok too. So what is wrong with calling to kill the person who caused the war? Should we call to protect him instead? Seriously, maybe we all should stop aiming for political correctness, especially in situations like this. But then, I guess, this is something that nobody expected. Possibly neurotypicals need time to process it as a situation that doesn’t fit into their understanding of the world? One, where it’s ok to publicy say things that are not very nice?

If you have Putin standing in front of you, alone and weaponless, would you take the advantage of the situation, or would you let him walk away and continue what he is doing? But he doesn’t stand in front of you and never will. Calling is the only thing that we can do.

Anyway, I read an article today that stated that getting rid of Putin is unlikely to stop the war. It was difficult for me to follow though.

I keep wondering if I shoud go to Poland or not. I think I’ll make my decision on the day of planned departure. It’s a bit concerning though that if I don’t go now, I may not be able to go for several months. Ryanair website doesn’t discuss the situation at all. I guess they’ll be flying for as long as the situation allows that.

I realised I don’t have a tag for war posts. Shoud I add one? I guess Putin can still be discussed under narcissist tag.

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