Love type D

I’m just watching the above film online and I still have an hour to go, but for now it’s absolutely hilarious. It’s strange that films that I never heard about can be so good, but those that are popular end up being boring and cliché for me. Do you think that has anything to do with me being autistic?

Otherwise I’m not very good, still really low on energy. I’m not quite sure if it’s due to bereavement? But I guess it can be. And I only broke up with John just four days before my mum died. Oh, BTW, me and John talk infrequently and I’d be happy to see him for a bit of chat if I wasn’t that tired.

There’s been a lot of changes in my life recently, that’s for sure. And not just the last couple of weeks, but since I got sacked in June.

But at least I managed to have a shower and washed my hair today – I really like how the new hair cut turned out. So things are not too bad. I just need some good rest and watching films may actually be what I need.

Update: Love type D turned out to be an excellent comedy up to the end. I’m really pleased I found it.

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